Attendance cum security System
  • Time Tracker is the economical Attendance System using RFID Cards and designed for recording of daily attendance in offices, Shops, and other establishments.
  • The RFID based tags are used and the reader detects the tag within a few centimeters.
  • The unit uses a Real Time Clock for time keeping and memory to store the data.
  • When ID Card is shown to the reader unit the Employee ID and time is recorded in the memory.
  • The system uses a Token which is used for uploading the data from the unit to a PC and downloading the master file of employees from the PC to the reader unit initially and in case of changes. The details of employees are written to the RFID tags.
  • The maximum attendance data stored in the unit is upto sixty two days for 250 employees, for the employees to enter and leave the premises once a day.
  • The system optionally can control the entry for authorised persons by opening the door lock when the tag is identified. A high quality YALE electric lock can be optionally added for this purpose.
Technical Specification
  • Inbuilt RFID(Proximity) tag reader.
  • 16X2 English text LCD display.
  • LCD displays Day, Month and Year and Hours and Minutes of current time
  • Name and ID of User (When tag is Identified).
  • Time Keeping : Built in 24 hours Quartz real time clock.
  • Piezo electric buzzer for accept and reject audio indication.
  • Door LED for door open time Indication.
  • Works on AC input voltage 230 volts 50Hz
  • Keypad : 5 keys for configuring the unit.
  • Communication to PC through USB port using USB Token.
  • Tag identification within one second.
  • Battery backup upto standard - upto 12 hours, optional upto 52 hours, in case of mains power failure.
  • Capacity: 250 users and 62 days attendance at a time.
  • Optional: Door controller with Yale automatic lock
  • Tags operating Frequency: 13.56Mhz.
  • Supported Tags: ISO15693 Compliant RFID Transponders.
  • Reading distance: 7 cm. of Tag from Reader unit.
  • Unit dimensions:150W mm X 210 L mm X 35 H mm
  • 230 Volt power supply separately provided.
All Specification subject to change without prior notice.

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